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“Does God really exist?” — Man laments after van he saved up money to buy to start a logistics business got completely burnt


Oct 19, 2022

A Nigerian man has gone online to question God after a van he saved up money to buy to start up a logistics business went up in flames.

The man with Twitter handle @Damzi__ took to the platform to share his misfortune in the early hours of Wednesday, October 19.

He had early taken to Twitter on Monday, October 17, to announce the purchase of the bus which he claimed he bought after saving consistently for three years.

Sharing photos of the van, he wrote,

“After 3 years of starving/saving I got myself this car which I will be using for interstate journey in parking loads for people, it has not been an easy task after loosing my job. Plz guys say a prayer and help Retweet for my customer might be on your timeline..”

See below,

Barely 48 hours after sharing the news, Damzi disclosed that the bus caught fire and was completely burnt in the inferno.

The distraught man posted photos of the burning bus and wrote,

“Does God really exit?? My car got burnt without no single help, who have I offend? For years I have been struggling with life, why didn’t God take my life while i was working hard to safe this money? Why now that I think things are better for me?

Will I survive this? 

Will life ever be fair to me? Will I ever make it in life? I struggle to make money, why will it go off within hours? Will I call this village people? Anytime things are about getting better for me, from no where it will get bad, guys pray for me I don’t think i will survive this.”

See his post below,

Damzi’s post has been met with mixed reactions, as netizens opined that he is a fraud, lying about the incident to gain public sympathy and donations from unsuspecting people.

Reacting to the negative comments, Damzi maintained that he was not lying. He wrote,

“Why the insults? Where have I gone wrong? Things have been happening to me and I decided to speak up probably I get help, I just lost a property I starved and denied myself pleasure to get. And all i get is insult? You want me dead? The comments are breaking me ”


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