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Husband flees as wife smashes bottle on side chic’s head after catching them in a hotel (Video)


Oct 10, 2022

A dramatic scene which was captured on tape involved how a woman resorted to violence after catching her husband with his side chic at a hotel.

The wife saw them at the bar and confronted the pair, however as they were trying to explain, she broke a bottle on the head of her husband’s mistress and it degenerated into a chaotic situation.

After smashing her head and the side chic began to bleed, the man immediately stood up and hurriedly left the scene.

The side chic could be heard crying out over the injury as the wife continued to taunt her despite being wounded.

Eyewitnesses had to intervene because the mistress charged at the wife in a bid to get even but she was losing a lot of blood so she fell to the floor.

Watch the video below:

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