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Nigerian Man exposes his pregnant wife who is cheating on him with his best friend, what he found will shock you


Sep 12, 2022

A Nigerian man has exposed his pregnant wife who is cheating on him with her anonymous. The heartbroken husband could not hold back his disappointment.

He took to his Instagram account to share his grievances with the popular internet relationship expert, Joro Olumofin. According to the disappointed husband, his wife was sexting another man and sent him nude pictures of herself in the bathroom.

The woman promised her lover sex, according to their conversation, the woman has been cheating on the man for several years.

According to the post, “My pregnant wife is cheating on me. She exchange nudes and also had unprotected sex Cc : Joro

Joro, am in a worst place right now. God knows am in a worst place. fought hard not to lay my hand on her. I woke up to pray and next thing my wife is not by my side. I waited for 20 mins and did not come in. I went to the toilet and she was coming out smiling. A happy smile. Now I was suspecting her. She kiss me and say goodnight.

Not to long she began to snore. I try her password with the name of our unborn child. Am lucky. The phone open. I saw pix of her nude and the chat. Took a pix of it with my phone. I don’t want sympathy. I woke her up and show her. She began to beg and cry that it’s not her fault. Am sad. My hand is shaking. Am hungry . I have headache. I threw her out. She went to the neighbors house. They have been calling me.

Here is the chat. I am not so surprised but am in pain. My God! My God!”

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