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Armed bandits on patrol ‘arrest’ thief and hand him over to authorities in Katsina


Sep 6, 2022

Bandits in Katsina State have “arrested” a scavenger found with stolen items and they handed him over to the authorities.

The suspected thief allegedly specializes in pulling out metal rods and removing iron bars from deserted buildings.

The armed bandits were on “patrol” on their motorcycles when they caught the suspected thief.

After catching him, they paraded the scavenger and his cart of stolen items before a community leader.

Armed bandits on patrol

In an ironic twist, the bandit group, armed with different firearms, lectured the thief about the dangers of stealing.

In a video obtained by PR Nigeria, the bandits are heard telling the scavenger: “Don’t you know that it is an offense to steal? You’re lucky we are handing you over to the authority.

“We could have executed you for engaging in criminal activity.”

The terrorists urged the community leader to ensure that the scavenger is punished.

They also reportedly followed the chief to witness the transfer of the suspect to security personnel.

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