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“Be intentional whom you make a mother to your kids” – Outrage as lady smokes and shares Weed with a toddler


Aug 31, 2022

A video that captured a lady smoking indian hemp and sharing with the female child in her care has elicited angry reactions from Nigerians on social media.

Twitter user @wizarab who shared the clip on his platform, wrote ;

Be intentional whom you make a mother to your kids.

See video below ;


Some reactions from other Twitter users –

Bube wrote – This is heartbreaking to watch 
Does she know the health implications of what she’s doing? Omo no be everybody with uterus suppose carry Bella sha

Bantos wrote – Sad reality upon us. 60% of motherhood will be like this from now till the next generations

Swiss wrote – Omo all the I can marry a stoner geng…God knows that one my biggest turn off from a woman is smoking and excessive alcohol…Godforbid bat thing

Osas wrote – I despise these new social media mothers that are out here putting frontal on the heads of their children and bleaching their skins too. All for what?

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