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“It was a Skit” – Lady accused of stealing passport and diamonds at a hotel breaks silence in new video


Aug 30, 2022

A young lady who was recently accused of stealing passport, diamond earrings and gold has openly debunked the rumours.

In the viral video, the man claimed he picked up a commercial sex worker who charged him N40,000 and that he paid her N50,000 out of his benevolence. He added that he was shocked when in the morning after they had finished playing that he couldn’t find his items(red passport, diamond earrings and gold chain). The lady initially denied but after much interrogation, she surrendered his items which she had hidden.

However, the lady has now made a video where she revealed that none of the things she was accused of is real. According to her, they were making a skit and it was all acting.

In her words:

“Hi everyone my name is Ewatomi Lola Gold. I actually want talk about this my video that is trending about a prost!tute that stole a passport, Diamond earrings and gold. It’s actually acting, it’s a skit, It’s not real. Mister Yomi Fabi, It’s acting, it’s a skit it’s not real, sister Waslakoded, it’s acting, us nothing it’s not real. It’s just a skit.”

Watch her speak below –


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