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“Why I must repossess the phone I gifted my girlfriend if we break up” – Nigerian man


Aug 28, 2022

A Nigerian man has revealed why it is important for him to collect the phone he bought for his girlfriend peradventure they break up.

Speaking in a video making rounds online, the young man said those who call men petty and childish for repossessing the phone or gifts they bought for a woman are not making a sound argument.

According to him, he would gladly retrieve the phone from his ex because he doesn’t want her to use it to chat and talk to her new partner.

Nigerian man

Giving a scenario, the man said assuming he gifted his girlfriend an iPhone 12 Pro Max and their relationship eventually crashes, it would be foolish of him to leave the phone in her possession as she would use it to chat with other guys.

He added that the next guy that is interested in her should buy her a new phone, and if he can’t afford one, they would sort themselves out.

Watch him speak below…


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