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‘Women who bleach excessively are not good in bed’ – Mr Henrie


Aug 22, 2022

“But, where is the lie? Am I lying? A woman who bleaches a lot is not good in bed, right?” he said to chanting fans at the Rolex Festival.

Mr Henrie started dating Kardash, who is older than him, after she broke up with the singer George Williams Kigozi, better known by his stage name Geosteady.

She has two kids with the 32-year-old singer. They broke up after Geosteady didn’t commit to wedding her, a ceremony she was eagerly looking forward to. She also said the crooner was cheating on her.

A month after breaking up with the ‘Owooma’ hitmaker in 2020, Mr Henrine swooped in

Their relationship was a thing of admiration to their gleeful fans as they shared pictures of happy times on social media.

Then in June of 2021 Kardash flew to Dubai to attend MC Richie’s Summer Festival where she hooked up with South African-based socialite, Medi Moore. It was like she hadn’t left a boyfriend in Kampala.

When she returned to Uganda, she kicked Mr Henrie to the proverbial curb, emphasising it by deleting all the pictures they took together from her social media.

In a later interview with the media, she revealed that the radio host was a fallback chump, as she needed a shoulder to cry on after breaking up with the father of her two kids, Geosteady.

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