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“Why I Prefer married men to single guys” – Nigerian lady reveals


Aug 22, 2022

A video that is currently circulating on social media shows a Nigerian woman revealing that she prefers dating married men to single men.

The lady whose identity cannot be verified justified her own actions by saying that married men give her peace of mind and are much more romantic than single men.

According to the lady, single men can learn a lot from married men. In the video, the lady can be seen brushing her straight hair and she makes her choice of men in a bold way that shows what she is saying.

In her words, “Married men are the sweetest to date because they are romantic and they are even less stressful.

“Single guys and frustration are one. When you are dating a married man, you have peace of mind, and they are more caring and generous.

“Single guys have to go and learn from those married men because they certainly don’t know anything about romance.

“But when you are dating a married man, you just feel the romance, the love, and the care.”

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