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“People like you cannot survive abroad” – Laura Ikeji reacts after being called stingy for styling her wigs herself (Video)


Aug 19, 2022

Businesswoman and lifestyle vlogger, Laura Ikeji, has reacted after she was tagged stingy for styling her wigs herself.

The fashionista who recently showed off her extensive wig collection—over 76 of them—is renowned for styling her own wigs and applying her own makeup rather than hiring a professional.

In a video addressing her critics, Laura revealed she has been tagged stingy for always doing these things herself rather than paying for someone to do them, as most celebrities do.

Reacting, Laura expressed pity for people who held such an opinion about her.

According to her, people who have not learned to do minor tasks for themselves will struggle to adjust when they relocate abroad.

Such people, in her opinion, are the ones who, upon moving overseas, would be quick to either chop or change their hair into dreadlocks owing to the costly maintenance.

Watch video below,


A while ago, Laura took her fans on a quick virtual tour while pointing to different wigs. According to her, the sampled wigs were 76 and promised to show the rest on her YouTube channel.

Flaunting the expensive wig, the vlogger revealed that she intends giving some out– Friends, colleagues and fans have since taken over her comment section begging to have a share of the wigs.

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