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“Don’t try it” – Lady warns as she shares her experience after inserting cotton wool in her private part before coitus


Aug 18, 2022

A Nigerian lady has shared her frightening experience after inserting a ball of cotton wool in her private part before having coitus with her boyfriend.

In a video shared online, the lady narrated how her boyfriend invited her to spend the weekend at his house because they had not seen in two weeks.

She said while she was in transit to his house, she felt something wet come out of her private part and thought her menstrual period had started.

 Lady warns

However, when she got to his house, she went to the toilet to check herself but it was not her period.

To be on the safer side before she and her boyfriend get down to business, she decided to insert a ball of cotton wool into her private part incase her period starts while they are having sex.

She said she called her female friend to ask for the procedure which she followed and then, she proceeded to have sex with her boyfriend.

Her dilemma started when she couldn’t remove the cotton wool from her private part after having coitus.

According to her, she squatted in the bathroom for over thirty minutes trying to remove it but it didn’t come out. She also inserted a toothbrush into her vj in an attempt to remove it but it still did not bulge.

She said she finally succeeded in removing the cotton wool after one hour but she didn’t want to go into details about how she removed it.

The young lady, who said she was terrified and thought she was going to be hospitalized because of the cotton wool, warned ladies not to try it but told gutsy ladies to do it if they want to.

Watch her speak below,




Video credit: Instablog

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