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Only Zombies Are Obedient, Femi Kuti Mocks Peter Obi’s Supporters


Aug 12, 2022

Afro musician Femi Kuti says he’s a smart and independent minded person who can’t be ordered around like a zombie.

This is as he expressed his disdain for supporters of Labour Party presidential candidate for 2023, Peter Obi, insinuating that they are a group of slavish characters who, like zombies, are incapable thinking for themselves and making their own decision.

Peter Obi supporters are known as “Obidients,” as zombies.

Zombie was the title of a studio album released in 1976 by his late father, Fela Anikulapo Kuti, when he excoriated the Nigerian soldiers as a bunch of robotic and senseless individuals. The song, which went on to be one of Fela’s greatest hits, followed a raid on his residence in Lagos at the time.

“You know what obedience means? Stand up, sit down, sit there — zombie,” Kuti opined during a performance at the Shrine Thursday night in Lagos, wondering why Obi’s popularity has surged exponentially in recent months.

“How can you be Obidient in this chaos? I am not Obidient. Tell me, at 60, why am I Obidient? You said I should be Obidient, sit down, be peaceful,” he said. “Are you all okay in this country?”

Obi’s candidature has garnered grassroots support from young Nigerians who see him as a better alternative to other candidates in the 2023 contest.

His campaign is propelled by horde of young Nigerians who describe themselves as “Obidient” followers on social media

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