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Lady expresses disappointment over second-hand car her man bought as her birthday gift (Video)


Aug 5, 2022

A Nigerian lady was utterly disappointed after her boyfriend surprised her with a second-hand car on her birthday.

The young man, who claimed to have been saving up for a while for the surprise, bought a used automobile and presented it to his lover on her birthday.

The viral clip captured the moment the young lady was being led outside while wearing blindfolds to the spot where the car was parked, with friends who were present to witness the surprise cheering her on as she approached.

However, after taking off her blindfold to see her whip, her countenance changed.

On seeing the whip, which had rusted paint, she queried why her man would present her with such an old car and requested that their friends stop recording.

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In related news, a lady’s somewhat odd reaction to a car gift from her boyfriend has stirred reactions online.

In the clip currently serving the rounds online, the lady received a vehicle as a birthday gift from her beau.

The video captured the moment the lover boy took his girlfriend to the spot where the automobile was parked while covering her eyes with his hands.

However, instead of being overjoyed to see the whip as one might have anticipated, the woman reacted angrily and questioned the man’s decision to surprise her with that brand of vehicle.

“What is this ? what is the meaning of this, so if people they call car you’ll call this a car. are you okay”, she lashed out.

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