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“The land alone is N9.5m” – Man cries out as wife disappears after selling his mansion for N10 million


Aug 3, 2022

A Nigerian man has taken to social media to cry out after his wife allegedly sold his mansion and disappeared with the money.

The disgruntled man in a viral video claimed he traveled and left the house in his wife’s care only to get wind that she had sold the property and fled with the proceeds.

He said he quickly returned to Nigeria and, to his utmost shock, the report was true, as his wife sold the palatial building for a paltry sum of N10 million.

He lamented that after paying the agency charge, lawyer’s fee, N500,000 for community development, and the N9.5 million he spent on the land alone, his wife only received N10 million for the sale of the property and fled with the money.

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In related news, a US-based Nigerian man has taken to social media to lament after he was thrown out of his house by his wife.

In a video he shared online, the man captured the moment his ‘controlling’ wife shoved his belongings outside their home and demanded he leave so she could live her life.

Although it is not clear what caused the quarrel between them, the wife continued screaming she didn’t want to do this anymore.

“I don’t want to do this anymore. You can’t be telling me what to do. Get out of this place,” she said as she threw his bags outside the house.

The man, however, maintained his composure and persisted in questioning why she was ejecting from the house they built together.

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