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Popular actress, Toni Tones has averred that she cried after watching her performance in the film, ‘King of Boys’.

Speaking in a chat with ‘I said what I said’ podcast, Tones who played young Eniola in the flick, said:” My closing from the film made me cry.I was overwhelmed. I said it is amazing. I felt so emotional, I called Kemi Adetiba and I said ‘thank you so much’ “.


Speaking Tones who is also a singer, noted that she has always wanted to play a character that would stretch her.

“I have been waiting to play a character like young Eniola all my life.I have been waiting to play a powerful character.I like characters that are not the norm.I also like characters that empower women as well. So I like character that breaks stereotypes. So young Eniola did it on all levels. The good, the bad, it doesn’t matter.I cried the first time I watched ‘King of Boys’, I hated my performance. I said everyone was going to hate her. Because that is me.I am hard on myself all the time. I am a perfectionist. I can cut myself if you tell me, it will give me the best performance. When I am acting, something takes over me and I am obsessed with the performance.I had Kemi Adetiba to also guide me as well.”.

Tones also added that she won’t take a movie script if it won’t stretch her.

“For me, I look at what is written and based on what is written, I decide if I can turn it into magic.If I don’t feel like I am going to make it special in a way, I am not going to take it”.




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