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Less dan one week afta serious violence happun for Plateau state, central Nigeria wey lead to loss of lives and several arrests, anoda round of violence don shele for di state.

Eyewitnesses bin say armed gunmen enta one community like around 8pm on Tuesday, August 24, burn houses and shooting anybody wey dem see.

Di attackers spoil di bridge wey dey enta Anaguta community to stop anybody to get help before dem start di attack.

Yakubu Sani wey dey forYelwan Zangam area of Jos say for Wednesday morning anoda fight break out for di area.

According to Yakubu many pipo don die for dis latest one but e no fit confam di number.

Some local tori dey report say e pass 35 pipo wey die for di attacks.

At di time of dis report, BBC no fit independently verify di total number of casualties but for one hospital, we count 15 dead bodies.

Mr Dan Manjang, di commissioner of information for Plateau confam di attacks, but follow say di number of pipo wey die no dey clear and investigations dey happun.

“Dis criminals just start to kill pipo and burn houses dem also destroy one wooden bridge wey connect to one of di villages so dat security pipo no go fit cross.” Dis na wetin Mr Manjang tok.

E add say dem don arrest 10 pipo from di palava wey happun and investigation still dey on.


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