Anxiety as Invitation For The Coronation Of A Sultan In Benin City Surfaces Online


Sultan Of Edo: A Plan To Islamize Edo State- CAN Reacts

GoldenNewsNg report that there’s currently Anxiety  in Edo, Benin City precisely as a letter of invitation for coronation of a sultan in Benin City, some Edo residents have shared it online while wondering why there is need for a Sultan in Benin City.

Invitation For The Coronation Of A Sultan In Benin City Surfaces Online


The president of the Benin Solidarity Movement (BSM), Elder Curtis Eghosa Ugbo, warned that Benin indigenes will do whatever it will take to resist imposing a sultan in the city.

He said:

“This will never happen in Benin Kingdom, we are Benin.’’

Another group, Great Benin Descendants (GBD), said it would barricade the venue of the planned coronation.

The coordinator-general of the group, Imasuen Izoduwa, described the event as nonsense.

He said Benin City cannot have both an Oba and a Sultan.

Another youth leader, Comrade Amos Ehinomen Uagbor said:

“Is this obtainable elsewhere? We should now have OBA and Sultan in Edo state? In fact, the venue should be sealed.”

The issue has also generated reactions from the Facebook group known as Edo political forum.

A member of the group who shared a copy of the invitation questioned why Shuwa Arabs should have a Sultan in the Benin Kingdom.

He said:

Too many questions about this: What is happening here?

Why would Shuwa Arabs have a Sultan in Benin Kingdom? Why would the Enogie of Eyaen allow this event in his domain and hotel?

Can we try this in the North?”

Another member of the group, Goliath Marcus Garvey, alleged that it was a plot to capture the Benin kingdom.

He said:

”This was how they captured Illorin. Now They are getting closer.”


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