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Arin and Princess were evicted from the house, thus giving Emmanuel, Nini, Saskay and Tega another opportunity to fight for survival.

Arin, the fashion designer and arts collector was the first to be evicted, while Princess followed. However, Princess, not given to show of emotions and drama, stopped the housemates from giving her a farewell hug.

She also announced that her all time crush in the house was Cross, just as she had earlier confessed in one of her Diary Sessions.

Why they were evicted:

1. Arin’s eviction has shown that being part of a clique is not enough to survive in the house. Though she formed a very strong bond with Nini, Peace and Tega, that wasn’t enough. She needed to build a huge fan base. She never built one, and that worked against her. She took fans for granted and paid dearly for it.

2. Arin’s eviction also showed that intelligence is not enough. One has to build relationships across cliques and gain the support of fans.

3. Many BBNaija fans saw her in a negative light, given her piercings. Little wonder they called her Lord of the Rings. They also believed she was too bossy and spent time gossiping.


1. The driver-turned BBNaija housemate was uninspiring throughout her stay in the house. So she ended up alienating her fellow housemates and potential fans. And when one loses opportunities to make friends within and outside the house, one pays dearly for it.

2. She was never part of any clique and never built any relationship. Neither was she in a “situationship.” Rather she was busy doing her own thing and kept to herself always. She seemed laid-back.

3. Being in the house is about building relationships and networking. Princess failed to do that. Rather she was crushing on Cross but never made any bold move. As she often confessed, she kept shooting shots but none hit target.


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