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Controversial OAP, Daddy Freeze has averred that hostility and opposition from the church community in Nigeria  made him meet with Hushpuppi, the self-confessed international fraudster.

TheNewsGuru recalls that Freeze  has been condemned for dining with Hushpuppi but the OAP denied receiving funds from the socialite.

On Saturday, Freeze said the church tried to get him sacked over his unorthodox and confrontational preaching.

The OAP said he met Hushpuppi at a time when the hostility had diminished his brand and ruined his MC career.

“People were persecuting me, thinking they were doing service to God. Businessmen fought me through the church. They were trying to show solidarity to their general overseer and believed I was an antichrist,” Freeze claimed.

“Princess, who I was MC-ing for, had printed my name for a show but called a week later to tell me all her sponsors threatened to pull out if I was the MC. They said I insulted their church. Others said they were not going to come.

“The church was wicked to me, callous, and heartless. They were boycotting events. One gospel musician refused to perform for my former radio station Cool FM if I was there. They had to beg me not to attend the event!

“Cool FM was not getting ads but still didn’t discard me. Performers and musicians didn’t want to engage with us. Others unfollowed me. They wanted me sacked, cut all my resources, and blocked everywhere. My MC career died.”

“The only radio station that was keeping me going then, they called and tried to sack me from it. I can’t talk! Church sent delegations. At this point, I was invited to a show launch in Dubai,” the media personality added.

“Google and Infinix were the only companies that managed to work with me. I tweeted I was in Dubai. Hushpuppi reached out in DM. I went alone and he sent an Uber. We visited and talked about social media influencing.

“Nothing else. I came back, sat down, and thought of my life. Hushpuppi that everyone was abusing hosted me but the church that people praised was trying to kill me. Out of Hushpuppi and church, who is the devil?

“My brand diminished so much I was asked to share a room in Dubai. I don’t support fraud. He’s like my younger brother. If I call him, I’ll tell him he’s a disappointment. I never believed he was doing anything fraudulent.

“But the church abandoned me in my trying times. If I had gotten the love Huspuppi had shown me from the church, would I have answered Huspuppi when he said there was a cab to come to take me to where he was?”



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