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Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel recognises the challenge of entering the new season as Champions League title holders.

Ahead of tonight’s Super Cup clash with Villarreal, he detailed the challenge that awaits him and his players.

“Does anybody have the recipe how to do better after a Champions League victory?” said Tuchel. “I don’t know. I don’t have it. It was my first Champions League win. It doesn’t feel like pressure because this is what we demand of ourselves.

“I demand of myself to get better every day, to use my experiences to be the best coach possible, to lead by example, to come to Cobham full of energy in a good mood and ready to continue the journey together. It has just started and hopefully it will be a long journey.

“The courage now is to face the challenge. The courage is to step up and demand we develop and improve certain things. There were things in our game in the last half-a-season we were very strong at, and we have to maintain that.

“We have to clearly rebuild the same spirit that put us in the possibility to have all these results. There are a lot of different tasks to fulfil. The most important is we don’t lose sight of that by thinking too much about pressure or expectations.”


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