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Kate Henshaw’s energy has never flagged over the decades of her career. The Nollywood star has charmed audiences for generations now, and many of her fans have been impressed by the fact that she is seemingly ageless and amiable.

Henshaw who was born on the 19th of July 1971 recently celebrated her 50th birthday with glowing tributes flowing endlessly on social media by her fans, colleagues and friends.


Embodiment of discipline

Veteran actor, Richard Mofe Damijo who recently celebrated his 60th birthday said the classic Henshaw is an embodiment of discipline.

“My personal person. Even now I hear your laughter. Deep from within.You who make 50 so sexy. It feels like the new 21.You are an embodiment of discipline.
Always on the money. God bless and prosper you .In all areas of your life
Love you Katie”.



Kate, queen of the dance floor


While makeup can certainly help someone look younger, Henshaw’s real secret to the fountain of youth is her attitude towards aging and commitment to keeping fit.


In an interview, the gorgeous role interpreter who kicked off her acting career in 1993 after clinching the lead role for the movie, ‘When the sun sets’ said: “Music is the food of love and it is for the soul. If they are playing good music anywhere and you refuse to dance, then you are evil. I mean when everyone around you is on their feet, sweating it out on the dance floor and you remain on your seat, are you the devil? Music is from the heart and since I choose to be happy, anywhere they play good music, I start to dance. That is the secret of my happiness and that is what makes me look young. I am happy all the time”


Fitness enthusiast

Shedding light on how she became a fitness enthusiast, Henshaw said in a 2017 interview with Punch :“I began to really do exercises about seven years ago and the benefits are just numerous. I can see the changes in my body and my health is great. I have not been to the hospital in five years. Before I began to exercise, I used to have malaria, fever or typhoid almost every month but I have not been to the hospital for anything and I know it is because of the exercise and the fact that I decided to choose a healthy lifestyle. The more you exercise your body, the stronger you get. I keep pushing my limits at the gym because that is what I am supposed to do. Athletes and people who cherish their health never stop training, they keep going”.



Beacon of hope

Henshaw didn’t just become phenomenal in an industry which was mostly dominated by men back then, but she also did so by helping other young actors light their path.

Some of Nollywood’s biggest stars claim Kate Henshaw as an influence.

Ufuoma Mcdermott said : “You have all seen and heard about the disciplined and strong part of Kate. I wish you could all experience her compassion and heart.

One of the lowest periods of my life was when I was physically and verbally assaulted by Ikuforiji’s personal policemen on Oct 10 2010.

Only two people stood with me through all the media and actual back and forth, Court filings and physical appearances. Stella Damascus and @k8henshaw. You see with big sis Catherine, it wasn’t just about being there, it was about giving me strength when she saw mine dwindling. The day she said “stop making yourself believe it was your fault” was the day I learnt that in dark days leading to lowness in spirit and borderline depression, you ask yourself many questions and when you can’t find the answers, you turn on yourself. Kate stopped it. I just stood there crying ( We were beside the old Ebeano supermarket close to Ebar) It was ok to cry because she was my strength. She calls to find out the next step and she’s with me during that step. She stayed right in the mix until Bimbo Akintola called Gov Fashola to reach out to me”.






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