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Actress, Ruth Eze who was a year older yesterday has averred that  her big boobs are a beautiful advantage. Speaking in a chat with The Sun, she said:  “I want to stop being nice to ungrateful people. I’m always too nice, even to strangers. I want to change that part of me too. I want to focus more on my career and business, Ruthy Unisex Salon and the happy family I have. As for my big boobs, I don’t want to change anything about it because it is a beautiful advantage. If I have my baby, he or she will not lack breast milk.”

Eze recounted an embarrassing encounter she had with a weird lover while on a date with her ex recently. “I went on a date with my ex and a guy came to approach me for relationship, it was so weird. I immediately walked out on him. But as I stood up, heading to the restroom to ease myself, unfortunately I fell down and the guy who had approached me started making fun of me. It was such a sorry sight. I felt like crying”, she revealed.

Speaking further, she added that there is no true sweet love without money.

“As I turned a year older on July 16, I feel very grateful for life, for good health and God’s grace upon my life. I feel so happy. However, my birthday wish is to be happily married before the end of this year. I dread to remain single but I don’t ever want to have anything to do with a younger lover; just forget it! They are nightmares. I’ll pick money over sex and love because without money, love becomes sour. No sweet love without money.”


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