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Reality TV star and actress, Erica Nlewedim has rekindled her love life by going on series of dates with different guys on the latest episode ‘Inside Life with Erica’.

After a brief break from romantic relationships following her fallout with Kiddwaya, fellow reality TV star, Erica made a joke on the podcast of ‘I said what I Said’ about missing the attention of the BBNaija house.

Subsequently, in the episode, Erica developed an interest in a lineup of suitors as she indulges some of their date requests.

Erica found herself in a dilemma, having to pick between keeping her dates private to ward off attention or meeting them in public just in case they are serial killers.

Set up by one of her friends, Erica’s first date is a blind date. Although he seemed to tick all the right boxes, Erica still had objections.

“I think he’s a gentleman. He opened the door for me, pulled out my chair, and compliments me a lot,” Erica said.

“But he is complimenting me a little too much now and I am wondering, is he nervous or is he just trying too hard? Because all of this is making me nervous.”

The date ends up redeeming himself by letting Erica steal his cocktail. Would he end up stealing Erica’s heart?

During an episode of ‘I said what I said’ podcast, Erica revealed that the Big Brother’s House was like prison.

“It is not easy to be constantly conscious of cameras every time. Obviously, one knows that cameras are there but one can’t be acting or trying to be on one’s best behaviour all the time. It is very stressful. One can do it for the first two weeks but at some point, one would get tired of it. Some people changed but I was just the same. This is how I am. I show myself the way I am. Sometimes, I felt I shouldn’t have shown a particular person a particular side of me but I consoled myself with the thought that we would soon be out of there. I protect myself in the real world but in that world (BBN), it was more like a prison.”


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