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Nollywood actor and movie producer, Ugezu J Ugezu has reacted to BBNaija Nina’s post-surgical curves.

TheNewsGuru recalls that the reality TV star recently took to her Instagram page to flaunt her new body one month after undergoing plastic surgery to achieve the hourglass shape.

However, while many fans were shocked over Nina’s new body and took to the comment section to applaud her doctor for a job well done, the Nollywood actor seized the opportunity to remind her that her new boobs are fake.

According to Ugezu real men will never be attracted to it because it’s not natural.

He wrote: “Knowing fully well that the ifenwa is not the real thing, real men will not be attracted. Odi ka odi kpoba, odi ka odi egolu (when a person of a particular kind places market wares for sale, it is his likes that will come and buy)”.

When called out for his statement, he hit back at the trolls by singling out a particular fellow whom he told once evil identified, it should be called by its name.

He wrote: “@amakaku0 Presumably, you are nursing the thought of committing the same blunder of body enhancement and you are consoling yourself in advance with the Zukwanuike (take a chill pill) jargon. Zukwanuike as how? That body enhancement which the founding doctor in California already advised against and quitted? The Zukwanuike jargon is actually for all you millions of young ladies with sealed ears who are still planning to do same. For peace of mind…. IDENTIFY EVIL AND CALL IT EVIL.”


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