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Sergio Ramos has told Kylian Mbappe to reject Real Madrid and stay with him at PSG.

Mbappe is a dream target for Ramos’ former club, Real Madrid, but while he would recommend a spell at Los Blancos one day, he hopes Mbappe will be staying put for now.

“I wouldn’t dare say what someone should do, with my experience I could give him some advice in private,” said Ramos to the Spanish media via video press conference.

“I would like him to stay at PSG because I like to play with the best.

“When you make the decision to stay or go, it’s very personal.”

Perhaps if Ramos had renewed with Real Madrid he might be thinking something different, but now he is certainly hoping Mbappe stays in Paris a while longer, while he feels he may be able to help him develop further.

“I don’t know what Kylian has in mind, but he can make the difference,” continued Ramos.

“He’s very young, there’s a very good team here and it needs great players.

“I can bring my winning spirit and if I can pass that on to the team it will have been a success.”

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