Deji Adeyanju Reveals Why Bola Tinubu Will Win APC Presidential Election

The Convener of Concerned Nigerians, Deji Adeyanju has revealed why the National Leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Bola Tinubu, will win the presidential primary election.

In a post shared on his Twitter page, Adeyanju said that Tinubu will win APC primaries if it takes place today because he has the support of most APC governors and Senators.

“Both APC and PDP are going to present Northern candidates in 2023. But if primaries takes place in APC today, Tinubu will win because he has more support of their Govs, Senators structures, etc.

“This is one of the reasons they are delaying APC congress. Politics is deep,” Adeyanju said.

The Presidential Ambition Of Bola Tinubu

GoldenNewsNG recalls that Tinubu Support Organization had revealed why the APC leader should be Nigeria’s next president.

Fatima Bello, who is the group’s chairperson, said at a press conference in Lagos that Tinubu has a good vision for the country, especially for women.

She further explained: “While most people are aware of Tinubu’s qualities, few are aware of his love for gender equality and equal rights.

“This is one of the values that has endeared him to us in women circles. A lot of women are suffering out there. We are pushing for Tinubu because we believe he has so much passion for women. Tinubu answers women first. He cannot even stand to see a woman cry.”

Similarly, Raliat Abdulsalam, Vice President of the Central Women Wing, asserted that Tinubu was an exemplary leader. She said Tinubu was a leader not known to be tribalistic.

“He has supported people from the North. He has supported people from the south, and he is not greedy for power. He built people that are still in power today. Most important, Tinubu is sympathetic toward the women cause. He supports women every time.

“This dream will come to pass because we have seen a man with a vision; someone that can lead us and help us to survive. We will back him up whenever he decides to run for the president because we have seen the sign of a true leader in him,” Mrs. Abdulsalam said.

The Director-General of TSO, Aminu Suleiman, said Tinubu’s track records in human development, democracy, and peace-building informed the support.

Mr. Suleiman noted that the organisation was not campaigning, but sensitising the people about what Tinubu represents, said the organisation saw a better future for Nigeria with Bola Tinubu.

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